Mystic Merkaba light sculpture (2019)

“Mystic Merkaba” is a light sculpture inspired by sacred geometry. Sound-reactive, 3D-printed, with 1,080 addressable LEDs. I originally built this in April-May 2019 as a group totem for EDC 2019, then refined it and brought it to camping trips, parties, and Burning Man 2019.

Mystic Merkaba


  • 1,080 individually addressable LEDs in 36 acrylic tube segments
  • 16 3D printed connectors + electronics box + battery box
  • Aluminum pole extendable to 10ft (max totem height)
  • Can be held as a totem, or stand alone with collapsible carbon fiber legs in the field. Attaches to optional base for more stability.
  • Disassembles to fit in carry-on size suitcase for air travel


  • Raspberry Pi 4 + Teensy 3 + OctoWS2811 driver
  • Custom 211 Watt-hour Li-Ion battery pack (6s2p removable 21700 cells to enable TSA travel)


  • Custom Python+NumPy rendering engine, and Teensy firmware for streaming pixel data
  • All effects are parametric and can be randomized.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity + Web UI for interactive adjustment of parameters
  • Modes include:
    • Sound reactive effects with frequency bands
    • Beat synchronous (BPM-based) effects
    • Color modes: full RGB effects, and grayscale mapped to color palettes
    • Addressing modes: polyhedra parts (large/small tetrahedra + center octahedron), linear segments, volumetric (xyz), spherical projection
    • Compositing modes for layering multiple effects (base colors + mask)
    • Playlists for pre-selected effects, or full randomization