Anagram Thief, an online multiplayer word game (2011)

Anagram Thief is a real-time multiplayer word game in which you race to build words from letter tiles, and you can steal your opponents’ words by rearranging and adding letters. With groups, the competition gets intense!

I built the original version of this game in just a few days over winter break. Since then, I’ve added an AI computer player with multiple levels, Facebook connectivity, and many other features.

Although Anagram Thief is no longer online, the code is available on GitHub.

A screenshot of Anagram Thief gameplay, demonstrating the AI and stealing words!

Tech Specs: Designing this game was an exercise in architecture. This app consists of an evented, long-running game server, an AI server, a Rails webserver, and a Node.js proxy for Socket.IO access. The front-end is HTML5/CSS3 and Javascript.